AC Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers

With innovative approach, we are suitable engaged as a potential AC Voltage Stabilizermanufacturers, suppliers & exporters. We manufacture our products in syn with the international technology to ensure better performance & high functionality.

Our industrial stabilizers is a widely used device. Its main function is to provide a constant voltage to the appliances like television sets, refrigerators and various other home appliances. It comprises of adaptors, capacitors, diodes and various other components.

It helps in protecting the appliances from the voltage spikes. It works in between the prescribed voltage limits. The upper & lower threshold voltage of these devices is predefined. Thus, it helps in providing constant voltage to the appliance. This helps in providing better performance and durability to the appliance. This also helps in protecting appliances from the unusual voltage spikes, distorted waveforms and grounded voltage spikes.

Backed by the team of highly qualified engineers, we equip our products with cutting edge technology. This helps us in meeting the challenging demands of the industry. Our excellent quality products will offer accurate and precise operation. These are best to protect your electrical appliances from voltage fluctuation.

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Key Features Of AC Voltage Stabilizer

  • These are based on microprocessor based advanced technology
  • Predefined lower cut in voltage
  • Predefine upper cut in voltage
  • No distortion in output voltage waveform
  • Free from noise
  • Power saver
  • Highly efficient

Advantages Of Automatic AC Voltage Stabilizers

  • Protect appliances from voltage fluctuation
  • Provide constant voltage at the output
  • Improves the life of the appliance
  • Provide better performance
  • Low on power consumption
  • Provide protection from short circuiting

Application Area

  • Widely used in call centres along with the computer peripherals
  • In the IT firms
  • In the hospitals for machines and appliances
  • In the hotels
  • In the restaurants
  • In the shopping malls