Voltage stabilizers are variable auto transformer type voltage regulators but in the case variable voltage is at input which should be stabilized before it could be fed to any equipment which is much sensitive to voltage variations. There are three types of this machine-

  • Manual operated steeped or continuous variable control.
  • Automatic motor operated.
  • Servo controlled.

In Servo controlled stabilizers, voltage correction is done automatically to close limits by comparing the output voltage with a base voltage.

In case of automatic regulators, voltage is kept to close limits but the speed of correction is very less whereas in most of the servo voltage stabilizers manufacturers products the speed is more than 25 volts/sec.

Servo stabilizers consist of-

  • Servo motor or auto driven continuously variable auto-transformer.
  • Buck-boost transformer.
  • Solid state device to compare the output voltage with a built –in stable voltage source and to find out the error.

The solid state control circuit operates the motor whenever output voltage falls or rises beyond a pre-determined level. The secondary winding of buck-boost transformer is in series with mains supply, while its primary winding is connected to motorized auto transformer. The motor in turn operates the auto transformer which feeds the buck-boost transformer, the secondary of which corrects the applied voltage to desired level. The most commonly used device for voltage regulation, the servo, as the name suggests, is a servo motor controlled variable transformer.

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